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We feature the best brands in power equipment

At Alabama Mower Service we believe that you're only as good as the company you keep, which is why we've devoted our shop to just the best equipment for the needs of both the residential user and the professional landscaper.

Scag Commercial Mowers: For over 20 years, Scag Power Equipment has manufactured Simply the Best commercial mowers money can buy. Scag Power Equipment's innovation and attention to quality is known and respected throughout the commercial power equipment industry. Today, Scag is the largest independent manufacturer of commercial mowers in the country. If you are looking for a commercial lawn mower and nothing less than the best will do, look no further.  Alabama Mower Service carries the full line of Scag commercial mowers and would love to help you find the right model for your needs!

Stihl Power Equipment: The name "STIHL" has been around for about as long as chain saws have. Andreas Stihl developed the first electric chain saw in 1926 and one of the first portable, gasoline-powered chain saws in 1927. Now, over 75 years later, STIHL is a world leader in the manufacturing of versatile consumer and professional chain saws and other power tools. There are many models in the STIHL line to allow homeowners, weekend woodcutters, farmers, professional loggers, landscapers, construction crews and fire departments to find the one saw that fits their needs.

Little Wonder: For over 80 years, Little Wonder has been the choice of professionals who demand quality. The purchase of Little Wonder equipment demonstrates a commitment to owning the best - equipment that stands up to the demands of contractors, landscapers, homeowners and rental customers, and performs season after season.   Little Wonder blowers and vacs are, quite simply, the best-designed in the world. With the blowers, not only do you get unmatched leaf-blowing efficiency, Little Wonder blowers are ideal for moving stubborn debris; removing standing water; preparing asphalt for resurfacing; preparing flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air

If you have any questions about our equipment, or need help finding the perfect machine for you, please stop by and see us, or send us an email and we'll be happy to help.